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No MOT for our 1959 Minis

As from the 18th November 2012 it will not be necessary to MOT pre 1960 cars.

For full details please read this letter recently sent to us by the DVLA.

Mini Shows Gallery 2010

Stanford Hall  12th September 2010

We had four cars on the stand at Standford Hall from Kate, James, Trevor and Colin Harrison. Simon Drew also had his 59 there but in the concours section. Very good day with good weather too.
Lots of autojumble as usual but the early stuff availability seems to be getting less. And hence more expensive.

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Uttoxeter Show 6th September 2010

We had four cars on the stand this year. Kate Perrins, James Parker, Bob Jenkinson and Trevor Ripley all brought their cars along.
Although only the 2nd time the British Mini Club has used this venue it was quite a busy day.

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Gaydon Show July 4th 2010

A fantastic turn out of 59's at the Gaydon Mini festival for yet another year.

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Himley Hall 9th May 2010

We had 5 cars on the stand at Himley Hall this year and were allocated a nice spot by the lake along with the Moke Club and the Woody and Van display.
Although it rained the day day before, Sunday turned out to be a lovely sunny day and there was an excellent turnout at the show including some very nice Woodys and Vans.

There was even one of the E-Types used in the Italian Job.
This is the only surviving vehicle used in the film. Needless to say it has been repaired after been used in the film shoot. It is actually the 12th RHD roadster to be built.

Thanks to Kate, James, Keith, Bill and Trevor for bringing there cars along.

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Bingley Hall 31st January 2010

Set up day on Saturday went fine but on Sunday morning woke up to snow everywhere.
Dave Hollis was panicking at first but people kept arriving and it turned out to be a total success.

Kate Perrins and James Parker represented the 1959 Mini Register with VBE 44 and flew the flag.
Good news from them is that they have got engaged.


I took an early Van and Woody instead of the 59's for a change.
Got them there on Saturday O.K. but couldn't get them back on Sunday as we were snowed in at home. Had to leave them at Bingley Hall for a couple of days for the snow to melt.
Anyway they are back safely at home now.


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