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No MOT for our 1959 Minis

As from the 18th November 2012 it will not be necessary to MOT pre 1960 cars.

For full details please read this letter recently sent to us by the DVLA.

Mini Shows Gallery 2015

Castle Combe September 2015

In addition to belonging to the 1959 Register and owning a September Morris Mini Minor I also belong to Bath Motor Club. We have been able to get a stand at the Castle Combe Action Days over the past couple of years, this year being no exception.
I arranged with other Bath MC members John and Liz Stratton to bring a car, their December built Morris 6823 RE. A mate of mine drove my car 432 WMH to the event as I was bringing the club stand equipment in my Sprinter. I also wanted to get another couple of local 59’s on the stand, but could not arrange anything prior to the event.
The day was very busy with plenty of public looking around the stands and the weather was superb for the event. The lineup of cars looked good, fortunately half way through the event I was able to get Bill Fairney to park his November Morris GHC 874 on the stand, he lives near to Castle Combe and was one of the cars I was hoping to attract to the event.
Whilst talking with Bill Fairney he told me how he acquired his car from the “jaws” of a welsh scrap yard and some of the history to the previous owners, a truly remarkable and fortunate story for the car to be saved from oblivion.
No other 59’s were seen in the assemblage of cars around the site, but 3 cars were a good effort.

Jerry Pennell

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British Mini Fair 2 - Stoneleigh Park October 2015

The 1959 Register was represented at this event by Jerry Pennell with his September 1959 Morris Mini Minor in the “show and shine” section of the event.
Half way through the morning Quinten Wilson joined us for a quick visit with his December Speedwell Blue Austin Seven.
The event was well attended during the day but quieten down as the event drew to it’s conclusion.
The cars attracted quite a lot of interest, unfortunately not from the judging staff in the “show and shine” awards!

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Gaydon BMC & Leyland Show 2015

We had our usual busy stand but sadly missing our long term guest John Sheppard who passed away earlier this year, he was greatly missed.
We were however very lucky to have Paul Ragbourne and David Street, both who worked for BMC on the Mini development from the late 1950’s onwards including testing of the prototypes. They gave us a very interesting insight to the Mini concept and subsequent production and we would like to thank them very much for attending. We had 10 cars booked onto our stand but unfortunately only 6 made it on the day. We had an apology from Quentin Willson who was unable to make it due to family commitments. However Colin Harrison arrived unexpectedly with his 59 car so that made 7 in total. So thanks to Colin, Mick Hannan, Tony Billingham, Bill Bell, Jerry Pennell, Trevor Ripley and Paul Kimpton for bringing their cars.

It was a good day, despite heavy rain for a while but the show seemed a little quieter on the Mini front than usual.

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Bath & Chippenham June 2015

The weekend of June 20th/21st 2015 was particularly busy in the Bath and Chippenham areas for classic cars and motorsport.
Castle Combe Classic, Kit and Resto Action Day I was however involved in the organisation of the day with the circuit management so attended to help out with the club stands, directing them to their correct positions.
Whilst circulating around the paddock later in the day I did happen to see a clipper blue 59 parked up with the Lotus and TVR’s.
The example belonged to David Sparks; a local resident to Castle Combe and is a November 1959 Morris Mini Minor, registration 8144 TR, this is a well known car to the register.
I was able to have a chat with David and he gave me some details, the car was a South African CKD, originally belonging to a gentlemen from the British Military, David acquired it approx. 30+ years ago and it is totally original and unrestored and has only done 23000 miles, the reflectors near the front indicators and lack of heater denote it as a South African model, it is as absolute gem.

Bath Festival Of Transport June 21st 2015 The next day; Sunday June 21st I was involved with the Bath Motor Club Stand at the Bath Festival of Transport, I had arranged to show 432 WMH, my September 1959 Morris Mini Minor on the stand which turned out to be a very nice day and the car attracted a lot of interest and I was able to take in around the event arena to show the members of the public. Mine was the only ‘59 at the Festival that day. Jerry Pennell

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Himley Hall 10th May 2015

A brilliant day at BMC’s Himley Hall show this year with 5 cars on display. The weather at first was overcast, but brightened up later to make the day complete.

The show was well attended with a steady stream of people visiting the 1959 Mini Register stand all day. Our ex Longbridge man Keith Woodfield was on hand again, alongside a fellow Longbridge man and friend David, they fed the enthusiastic visitors with there wealth of knowledge and Keiths extensively documented folders on all things Austin and Mini in particular.

A great show as always in a wonderful setting.

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Pride of Longbridge 2015

A really great day with the sun shining down on us.

At this fantastic event we had three 1959 cars on the stand. Trevor Ripley, Keith Woodfield and Jerry Pennell brought their fine examples of 1959 Minis along, which were joined by many other mk1 cars. We had the last ever Mini to be built on the stand next to us, and had a really good chat to lots of people including many of the ex-Longbridge guys who are always very interesting to listen to.

Aerial shots courtesy of Simon Huntridge.

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Bingley Hall 25th January 2015

Words and Photographs Jeremy Pennell

Bill and Trevor had been asking for cars to represent the 1959 Mini Register stand at Bingley Hall. Due to lack of support decided not to have a 59 register stand this year.
However Bill asked if I would like to put the car on the MINIWORLD stand instead.
My car, a September built Morris Mini registered 432 WMH was positioned at the front of the stand right by the entrance to the show along with the MINIWORLD Bogus 2, a very nice Mini Clubman Estate with 1275 GT engine and another Mk1 with supercharger conversion.
Walking around the show I did see another 59, the December built Cherry Red Morris Mini, 569 BSR of Barrie Davies.
All the cars attracted a lot of attention and I spoke with many people about my car.
The show was very well attended and I hope to get to a few more to support the register.

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