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No MOT for our 1959 Minis

As from the 18th November 2012 it will not be necessary to MOT pre 1960 cars.

For full details please read this letter recently sent to us by the DVLA.

Variations Carpets And Door Seals

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Carpeats And Door Seals

image015 Morris De-Luxe cars had carpets that originally came in three colours..Chassis number 101 – 8996 Dark Grey (so dropped in late November 1959)
Chassis number 101> Cherry Red
Chassis number 101> Blue

In both RHD & LHD

Austin De-Luxe had the same three colours listed but a different part number. Listed as:-

Red up to chassis 10548
Grey up to chassis 10548
Blue up to chassis 10548

In both LHD & RHD

image003 image004
Basic (or Standard) cars had rubber mats not carpet in this block style up until chassis number 49063 in LHD & RHD types with a single heel mat for the driver. 59 style rear Basic Mat.
image016 image017
1959 Morris de-luxe had this ‘chocolate box’ style heal mat. Morris De-Luxe also had a small rubber toe mat on the inner wheel arch.
image009 image010
1959 de-luxe Austins had this style of heel mat. De-luxe cars had a full length rubber boot mat.  Basic cars did without a mat.
image002 image021
Nearly all 59’s used a door rubber and cloth seal which in the parts list was named “Grey fleck”, and was a kind of imitation cloth made in vinyl with glued on rubber.  Very rare now and seldom seen.  But very early cars and the last Austin de-luxe’s had a real cloth-covered door rubber seal in different colours.  Also rare, but probably the same was used on Riley Elfs and Wolseley Hornets An alloy door seal strip was fitted to all de-luxe cars.  It was not fitted to basic cars.
image023 image025
All 59 mini’s had the same steering wheel with a different horn push in the centre.  This is an Austin wheel. A Morris horn push.
image005 Some 1959 cars have a cream indicator lens.  Others have a green lens.
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