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No MOT for our 1959 Minis

As from the 18th November 2012 it will not be necessary to MOT pre 1960 cars.

For full details please read this letter recently sent to us by the DVLA.

Variations Door cards pocket and dash liners

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Variations – Door cards pocket and dash liners

image002 image012
Morris door cards follow the seat variations with the early ones in fleck and black on pre late November cars. An Austin door card is thick paper fleck all over.  The Austin kick plates are silver metal adopted across the board 61>.
image005 image003
From chassis 8997 Morris door cards changed to Spanish red or Spanish blue vinyl to compliment the seat change. The fleck is printed on thick paper glued to Mill board.
image014 image024
All basic cars, both Morris & Austin up until chassis 8996 had grey painted door cards. Some export de-luxe cars also had basic door linings. From chassis 8997 (late November 59) the door cards on Basic cars were covered in the cloth material.  Some export de-luxe cars also had basic door linings.
image011 image009
Chassis 8997 > cars have a check strap to match the colour of the seats and door cards. Black and fleck interior cars have black check straps on the doors.
image008 image006
Rear cards chassis 8997 > follow the front cards. Morris rear cards follow the fronts with fleck over black pre December.
image013 image015
Rear cards on de-luxe Austins are the same grey fleck all over as the front cards. Basic pocket liners are grey painted board until 8997 when they were covered in cloth. The front pockets match the rears on these cars.
image022 image043
A rear basic grey painted card. Post chassis 8997 rear cards and wheel arch cover as the seat was now cut over the arch like the de-luxe seats.
image034 Morris de-luxe up to 8996 with black and fleck interior had a box liner in the rear companion box.
image044 image045
When the Morris companion boxes are in the car they are quite difficult to see. The front pockets match the rears on these cars. De-luxe Morris companion box up to 8996 showing the courtesy light.
image046 image047
Morris chassis 8996> style companion box with coloured vinyl liner face and white floor. Austin de-luxe liners out of the car.
image028 image032
Morris de-luxe cars with black & fleck interior (> Chassis 8996) had a black parcel shelf floor and fleck dash liner. Basic cars had plain grey painted dash liner and shelf.
image030 Austin de-luxe had fleck liners and shelf all through 1959.
image029 image004
The Morris rear parcel shelf was black to match the seats and front liner up to chassis  8996. Up to chassis 1502 Morris de-luxe had an extended rear parcel shelf to cover the exposed metal at the bottom of the rear window.
image017 The early parcel shelf in the parts book.
image031 image033
Austin de-luxe rear fleck parcel shelf Basic cars retained the grey card on the rear parcel shelf.
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