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No MOT for our 1959 Minis

As from the 18th November 2012 it will not be necessary to MOT pre 1960 cars.

For full details please read this letter recently sent to us by the DVLA.

Variations Door Furniture

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Variations – Door Furniture

image001 image002
Morris de-luxe had black plastic kick plates on the doors. Basic models in most countries did without kick plates. Austin de-luxe had metal kick plates.  Basic models in most countries did without kick plates.
image006 image007
Austin de-luxe have alloy plates on the inner sill at the front.  Morris cars are carpeted in this area. Austin cars have an alloy plate over the end of the cross member,  Morris cars are left body colour.
image008 image010
All 1959 cars, Austin & Morris should have this style smooth sliding handle door string pull.  Part number 14A8664 up to November 1960 for Longbridge (Austin) and December (Morris and some Austin)1961 for Cowley. Later style door pull with ribbed grip and fixed to string, part number 24A664.
image020 image013
All Morris 59 cars have body coloured interior door locks with the passenger interior lock as a round button.  Austin’s had a similar lock but they were painted black. Later style with flat interior lock button.
image021 image018
1959 interior window catches are chrome metal and have no lower locating dowel for the one hole glass. A slightly different style of one hole catch, still correct for 59.
image022 image023
Two photographs showing the two types of chrome catch, two hole and 1959 correct one hole on the right.  Check the catches you buy are not modified 2 hole catches.
image019 image024
A weather strip was present on all cars up to 30823 when the new style door was introduced in May 1960. Weather-strip (28), glued on to prevent water from the drainage channels to enter the car via the door seal, from starts until 30823.
door-strip image026
Moulding on door-pocket is 1/2″longer in the ends and mounted with two small cross headed screws Parts book extract showing the longer moulding that covers the door frame.
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