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No MOT for our 1959 Minis

As from the 18th November 2012 it will not be necessary to MOT pre 1960 cars.

For full details please read this letter recently sent to us by the DVLA.

Variations Exterior General

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Variations – Exterior General

image014 image015
All de-luxe cars had chrome look strip insert fitted in to the front & rear window rubbers. Basic (or Standard) cars did without the chrome look insert instead having a rubber insert.
image016 August 1959 Autocar showing the proud advertisement for the Claylastic chrome look strip on the de-luxe models
image001 image009
De-luxe models had a chrome rear number plate light with only one bulb in. Basic (or Standard) models had a painted black metal number plate light.
image018 image019
The driver’s door lock has a key hole, the passengers does not.  But this small round lump is present on all 59/60 locks near the key hole. A Boot lock handle showing the lump.
image021 Brass door hinges are fitted to all 1959 Minis.
image023 image024
Long bumpers fitted up until April 1960.
image005 A shorter style April 1960 > bumper.
image027 image028
One hole glass and catches without the bottom locating dowl.  These were fitted until early 1960.  However some late 59 Morris cars have been found with 4th quarter dated two hole glass. A two hole catch and glass showing the lower locating dowl to stop the catch rotating.
image036 image037
The image on the left represents the Triplex glass which is coded the 2nd quarter 1959.
The image on the right represents the Indestructo glass which is coded the 2nd quarter 1960.  Taken from John Parnell’s “Original Mini Cooper and Cooper S”
On UK built 59′s there were two makes of glass used, Indestructo and Triplex.
With Indestructo the manufacturers name is in an arch with two letters under each leg of the name. The First two letter on the left side are the ones we use for dating for example RU.  The first letter “R” is used for the quarter of the year based on BRIT so R = 2nd quarter.
The second letter U is for the year based on the word “INDESTRUCTO” as follows I=7, N=8, D=9, E=0, S=1, T=2, R=3,U=4, C=5, O=6, some of the letter were ignored.  RU is 2nd quarter of 64 (can only be a year of Mini production) 1959 dates would be BD, RD, ID or TD
Triplex dates are taken from dots above or below words in the company motif.
The year is shown by a dot under a letters of the words “Laminated” for windscreens or more commonly “Toughened”.  A dot under the first letter of either word represents a year ending in a 1 so 61 or 71.  Under the second letter is for a year ending 2 so 62 or 72 etc etc
For 1959 dated glass we’re looking for a dot under D for 9 or 59 in our case.
The quarter is dated using T, R, E and X of the word TRIPLEX with the quarters running consecutively T=1st.
image032 image033
De-luxe cars had chrome look one piece plastic seam trim riveted front and back.
image011 This contoured one piece seam trim was never fitted to 59 built cars.
image046 image043
De-luxe cars have this style of wheel trim fitted with rectangular holes.  The trim does not fully cover the steel wheel underneath. Basic cars had small disc type hubcaps fitted.
image047 image048
Later style full size hubcaps with half moon cut outs, this style were never fitted to 59 built cars. 59 style hub cap next to a late 60> style.
image050 image063
Austin wavy chrome grill fitted to all 59 Austins.  This photo also shows the correct bonnet badge for Austin. Morris painted pressed grill, fitted to all Morris 59’s.  This photo also shows the correct bonnet badge for a 59 Morris.
image064 This memo shows that early grilles were riveted in place (not very service friendly).
image065 image066
Correct boot script for a UK Austin Seven. Correct boot badge for a UK Morris Mini-Minor.
image067 image069
Correct Export Austin 850 boot badge. Correct Export Morris 850 boot badge.
image073 image071
Danish specification 1959 Austin 850’s were called Partner from the start of importation in July 1959, but dropped from 1964 and badged accordingly, with drilled holes for fixing of the badges on boot. Danish specification Morris 850’s were called a Mascot from August 60 and on to the end of import in 1981, and badged accordingly. 1959 cars shouldn’t have the Mascot badge.
image075 Danish Austin Partners wore slightly smaller Partner badges on both front wings with holes drilled for the badges.
image077 image089
Very early rear lens with correct flat head screws. Later style rear lens with cross head screws.
image017 image020
Pre focus Lucas 700 head lights were used in both LHD and RHD configurations.  An orange lens was used on the indicator. In some export markets like Denmark and South Africa the side lights were incorporated in to the front indicator so there is no side light provision in the head light and a clear lens on the indicator.
image002 image004
Exterior weather strip made of rubber and slotted down in between the glass and trim.  It deflected the water away from the channel.  Today there is one set known to exist on BMW’s Cherry Red basic car, pictured. The strip just lifted out as above.
image006 image008
Number 44 in the above picture shows the weather seal. This image shows the entry in the parts book, item no 8.  Weather seal (rubber) part number ADA3869, illustration no 44, as required up to car Morris chassis number 30832 when the new style door was introduced.
image022 image025
De-luxe cars had a chrome fuel filler cap. Basic cars had a body coloured fuel filler cap.
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