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No MOT for our 1959 Minis

As from the 18th November 2012 it will not be necessary to MOT pre 1960 cars.

For full details please read this letter recently sent to us by the DVLA.

We currently have 184 1959 Minis registered.
Morris Austin
Clipper Blue 36 Speedwell Blue 14
Cherry Red 30 Tartan Red 29
Old English White 22 Farina Grey 24
Non Standard 14 Non Standard 11
Total 102 Total 82
The break down between De-luxe and basic is as follows:
De-luxe 104
Basic 22
Unrecorded 58


About the 1959 Mini Register

The Register is free to join and is for owners of 1959 Minis.

If you currently own a Mini Manufactured In 1959.

We’d like to receive your registration.

If you don’t currently own a 1959 Mini or are just interested in them, please feel free to browse the site.

At this time the register exists solely for Minis built in 1959.

If you are looking to buy a ’59 or want restoration information, we hope to be able to help you in some way – maybe we can unite you with a car, or find the bits you need!

The aim of the Register is to help preserve as many of these unique British Motoring icons as possible. We hope the Register will be an invaluable tool in identifying cars, raise the profile of them, and preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

We have incorporated a database, pooling information on the registered cars, helping us to build a production profile highlighting when changes took place in the manufacturing process.

There are records in parts books giving chassis numbers for these changes, but we know of many cars that contradict the dates and numbers given which makes it very difficult to restore a car to its original state.

Can we take this opportunity to encourage any members with cars who haven’t yet registered their cars with us to do so as soon as possible and help us to raise these figures?

We appreciate that not everybody has access to the Internet, with this in mind we have compiled a flyer which can be printed off. We hope this will give those people who have 1959 Minis who do not have Internet access information on what we are doing here at the register, hopefully this will then encourage them too to register their cars by letter post.

Please print some off, and next time you see a 1959 Mini which is not registered hand the owner a copy and spread the word.

Thank you.

You will need Adobe Reader to view this flyer, if you have not already got it, it is available free here.


If you have any problems with registration please feel free to contact Trevor or Bill.

All personal information held on the Register will be completely private and absolutely NO SENSITIVE INFORMATION what so ever, i.e. Chassis numbers, names, addresses, will be divulged to a third party under any circumstances.

Thanks for taking the time to visit this site.

Trevor and Bill (Registrars)






We are very grateful to the British Mini Club for their support of the 1959 Mini Register.


We would also like to thank Michael Elsberg from Denmark for his help in compiling the “Variations” section of the 1959 Mini Register website.