No MOT for our 1959 Minis

As from the 18th November 2012 it will not be necessary to MOT pre 1960 cars.

For full details please read this letter recently sent to us by the DVLA.

We currently have 184 1959 Minis registered.
Morris Austin
Clipper Blue 36 Speedwell Blue 14
Cherry Red 30 Tartan Red 29
Old English White 22 Farina Grey 24
Non Standard 14 Non Standard 11
Total 102 Total 82
The break down between De-luxe and basic is as follows:
De-luxe 104
Basic 22
Unrecorded 58

Pride of Longbridge Show

Pride of Longbridge show.

April 18th 2015 

The 59 Register will be having a stand at the POL event this year.

If anyone would like to bring their car along they would be very welcome.

This is a very good gathering of everything BMC and being staged opposite the Longbridge works attracts a lot of ex Longbridge employees. It is always very interesting talking to them about the ‘old days’ and listening what they have to say.

It is a great day out with no time restrictions for arrival or departure and it is a free event for everybody. No passes required. Just turn up.

If you do want to bring your car onto our stand it would be helpful you could let us know so that we have approximate numbers for the organisers.           

If you cannot bring your 59 Mini along, you can bring any car as long as it has a BMC connection.