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No MOT for our 1959 Minis

As from the 18th November 2012 it will not be necessary to MOT pre 1960 cars.

For full details please read this letter recently sent to us by the DVLA.

1959 Mini Gallery Morris A

A collection of Morris 1959 Minis which are on the register.

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621 AOK

Heritage Motor Centre Gaydon - This is the first Morris built Mini. Number 101.

5 Photos

RAA 9159

LHD December built Morris residing in Brazil.

8 Photos

EN 20.559

Jerry Pennell (new custodian 2020) - Lars Søe-Jensen from Denmark restored this Old English White Morris. Number 131, the oldest privately owned Morris (as of Sept 2014). 621 AOK at the Heritage Centre Gaydon being the oldest Morris.
See link here for the full story on this very special Mini.

16 Photos

TRX 561

Owned by Trevor Ripley. December built Basic model. The Basic models were supplied with cloth seats, rubber mats, non-adjustable passenger seat with no sunvisor, painted steel body mouldings and painted fuel cap, small van style hubcaps and no heater, though this particular car had a heater fitted as an optional extra.

9 Photos

2474 EL

Adrian Reynard - Cherry Red Morris

2 Photos

AM 4535

Now owned by Ian McDonnell (2012) Steve Gregory in Christchurch NZ found an early Mini in a barn that had been laid up for 30 years. It had turned up on the back of a borrowed trailer in 1980 and with nowhere to keep it the guy asked the owner of the trailer if it could be looked after until he got some storage sorted out. That was the last he saw of the Mini owner. See the full story:-here.

8 Photos

LSV 653

Ray Holmes - November Old English White Morris

11 Photos

UVJ 183

Massimiliano Terragni from Milano, Italy - Clipper Blue Morris. A marvelous example with much attention to detail.

27 Photos

GHC 874

William Fairney - Cherry Red Morris
The restoration and the car being used for a wedding car, brilliant.

9 Photos

8144 TR

Dave Sparks - Clipper Blue November built Morris

2 Photos

LSK 706

John Langham - Cherry Red 29th September built Morris. Fitted with a Shorrock Supercharger 20 years ago by Perry Shaw, the 910cc engine produces some 85bhp so is quite a surprise to many road users.

6 Photos

M NN 1959H

BMW owned - Cherry Red Morris.

9 Photos

316 GHW

Kate Perrins - Clipper Blue 10th December built Morris.
Kate bought this car just in time for the 50th year celebrations.
She has attended many of shows this year (2009), and driven the car to and from them.

9 Photos

VBE 44

James Parker - Cherry Red 1st December built Morris.
James recently purchased this car (September 2009) and is making the most of it by attending shows.

6 Photos

VR 21.558

Michael Elsberg from Denmark - Clipper Blue June built Morris.

5 Photos

YDD 472

Gill Helyer - Cherry Red Morris.

10 Photos


Ken Beetam - North American Cherry Red Morris.

Ken has just registered his car (April 2014), it is the first Morris with ”N.E -N.A.” recorded as the destination. I.e. Nuffield Exports- North America.

1396 is recorded as the same. We don’t have any record before that of another car marked N.A. or with any other US destination. But it’s quite common after 1395. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that there weren’t earlier cars sent to the US, we just have no way of knowing as the records just say N.E. . . But 1395 is certainly the first Morris recorded as ”North America”.

Austin’s weren’t recorded as sent to “New York” until October and chassis number 3700ish. So we can say categorically that 1395 is the earliest Mini recorded at being exported to the US but we can’t say others didn’t go earlier as that was not recorded.

Ken writes “I bought the car from a bloke who got it from an estates sale in Colorado.
The registration document I was given was a Kansas title of ownership and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN number they use over here) was the BMK (body number). I have tried to trace this number but because it is not their typical format I cannot find any previous owners."

Ken would love to trace any history on the car and hear from previous owners.
If you know anything at all about this car please make contact in the first instance via the contact page on this website.

11 Photos

JAL 542

Jose Agius - From Malta. Cherry Red Morris

2 Photos

HZO 762

Bob Christiansson - Cherry Red Oct built Morris.

5 Photos

BNM 3905

Scott's early export 1959 Morris Mini Minor exported to S. W. America, hence it still carries most of it's original rust free panels.

6 Photos

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