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No MOT for our 1959 Minis

As from the 18th November 2012 it will not be necessary to MOT pre 1960 cars.

For full details please read this letter recently sent to us by the DVLA.

1959 Mini Gallery Morris B

A collection of Morris 1959 Minis which are on the register.

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4548 PX

Owned since 2007.
Had a service body between Oct 59 and April 60 before it was registered.
Reason unknown...may have been a guinea pig for water leak mastic or the later footwells smashed up maybe??..who knows??
Service body tag still fitted.
Oddball as was supposed to be CKD NZ but never got dispatched.
Presume a faulty/damaged shell and held back and shoved down line later on?
The late 59 service engine tag is another pointer to this.
Sold to an employee of Wadhams Motor Group at a special discount price with limited warranty.
I have the sales invoice.
Original unwelded underbody.
Optional dealer applied underseal left intact to keep cars patina.
Restored by myself in 2015/ 2016
Over-bored original 850cc engine with subtle period mods but looks externally standard.
Baulk ring synchro and dry crank conversion.
Original front seats repaired/restitched.
Rear seat base has no beading on bolster.
Newton bespoke to pattern/texture carpet set.

Words by current owner Richard Farrell August 2016.

14 Photos

Tenerife 1959 Mini

José Carlos Afonso Rodríguez de Vera has taken over 2 years to acquire the only 1959 Mini we currently know of in the Canaries.
The December built Morris resides in Tenerife and is undergoing restoration. Jose is looking for many missing period parts so will be on the lookout for them over the next few years.

Jose’s Morris is infact the only 59 known of anywhere in Spain.

7 Photos

620 GFC

David Jones - Clipper Blue (Originally Cherry Red) Morris

Jan 2013 At present 15th oldest surviving Morris Mini.

Jan 2015 Restoration work is moving at a pace now on 620 GFC, the floors fully restored and painted (see latest photographs).

Extract from Bonhams auction of this car.
"Manufactured in 1959, this very early Morris Mini Minor is the 529th example produced. Refinished in blue but originally cherry red, '620 GFC' enjoyed one owner for approximately 50 years and has been in barn storage for the last 35-40, possibly placed there following damage to the off-side front wing. It is believed that the engine was reconditioned at some time."

See Bonhams auction details here.

24 Photos

360 XMU

Nick Belton - Clipper Blue 8th September built Morris, A video of 360 XMU can be seen here in 1984 on British morning television.

7 Photos

432 WMH

Jeremy Pennell - Clipper Blue Morris.

9 Photos

846 JKE

Nicky Cobb - Cherry Red December built Morris.

7 Photos

886 CUO

Clipper Blue August built Morris. Now resides in Japan (2012).

10 Photos

993 BLM

Colin Harrison - Cherry Red Morris.

5 Photos

TDL 334

Ian Sims - Clipper Blue 9th July built Morris. Believed to be the first Morris Mini on the Isle of Wight.

8 Photos

TDL 379

Now owned by Peter Hodgson (June 2017). Cherry Red Morris mini built 16th - 18th September, dispatched 24th September.
In need of total restoration and a further project for the new owner.
Thought to be the second Mini to take up residence on the Isle of Wight.

4 Photos

BSL 187

Oliver Bos - Clipper Blue 18th September built Morris.

7 Photos

3017 NX

John - Old English White Morris. As found and never restored.

31 Photos

UCA 858

Turtle Trading in Japan - Clipper Blue October built Morris.

2 Photos


Stefan Sellin - Morris in Germany

19 Photos

8210 KH

Rob Linnard - Cherry Red Morris

8 Photos

569 BSR

Barrie Davies - Cherry Red Morris

5 Photos

GDA 2399

Indian 1959 Mini

A few months ago I was talking to Dave Gate, a car restoration specialist in Nantwich, who told me he was going on holiday to Goa. I told him I knew of someone with what was probably the only surviving Mini in the country. I gave him the contact details and a few weeks later Dave is there looking at the Mini.
We have over 150 cars recorded on the 1959 Mini Register from all around the world. A few of these surviving early Minis do turn up in unusual locations.
In the first 2 years of Mini production a very small number of cars were exported to Goa to the one and only dealership there. One of these Minis was bought by the garage manager for his wife. It eventually was passed on to her son, Milind Angle who still owns and uses the car. It is most likely it is unique now on the roads of India. Because of the lack of spare parts for the Mini, Milind has to improvise a little to keep the car running. The 10’’ wheels have long gone as that tyre size is not available. The brake and clutch master cylinders are gone too to be replaced by ones off some sort of minibus. The floors have been fabricated and the drive shafts modified. It all works though enabling Milind to keep the Mini on the road. The car has clocked over 100000km. The car was originally Old English White when it left Cowley in 1959 but has been painted yellow since and is now Red & White.

Dave and his wife have become good friends with Milind and his family and are going back to see them in Goa next year. Maybe he will take a few spare parts for him.

Trevor Ripley.

25 Photos

YRM 683

Tim Smith's late August Morris

It was the September launch car for the main Morris dealers of Graham & Roberts, Carlisle, it was then bought by a Morris dealer in Workington for his wife.
The car stopped in the same family run garage until it closed in the late 1970's.
It had been off the road for many years and had sat at the back of the workshop, the original owners would not sell her.

I purchased the car back in 1980 for £100 from the house/garage clearance sale and restored her over a number of years.
It needed very little body work we only had to replace the door skins, and the only bit of rust was when the garage drilled the gutter drainage holes, as you may know the early car did not have them and for some reason they drilled a hole into the "A" panel which got rid of the water.
However it did cause some rust problems inside one of the pillars.

We finally got her back on the road in 1982, she still has most of her original parts including the original steel rear radius arms, floor, sills etc.

It is very much a local car having moved from Carlisle to Workington and now back to Cockermouth.
We have won a few show and received the trophy for oldest Mini in Cumbria and class winner on its 50th birthday.

3 Photos


Rajeewa Adikaram owns what might be the only 1959 Mini in Sri Lanka, It was imported to Sri Lanka in 1960 to Matara Tea Estate.
Obviously modified through it’s life it is none the less a remarkable survivor.

4 Photos


Willie van Gemert - Morris Mini

Willie van Gemert in the Netherlands has owned his pre-launch Basic Morris for a number of years competing on the Le Jog the Winter Challenge and the Mini Europe rally in it over the years.
Willie says and has been garaged now since competing on the SLS rally (Scheveningen Luxemburg Scheveningen).

Willie is starting a restoration back to original specification.

1 Photos

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