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No MOT for our 1959 Minis

As from the 18th November 2012 it will not be necessary to MOT pre 1960 cars.

For full details please read this letter recently sent to us by the DVLA.

Mini Shows Gallery 2014

Castle Combe 24th September 2014


Being one of the local motor clubs to the race Circuit Bath Motor Club had been asked by the circuit management to help out with the organisation on the day of the 2014 MINIWORLD Action Day on September 27th 2014, as part of this help we were allowed to have a club stand.
As it was a mini based event I had arranged for several minis of various shapes and ages to be exhibited on the stand for the day.
Just recently I had purchased from Nick Belton Morris Mini Minor 432 WMH, this was on display with another 1959 Morris Mini Minor owned by John and Liz Stratton, stalwarts of both the Bath Motor Club and the 1959 Mini Register, Chris and Jenny Stratton joined the assemblage with the families 1972 rally prepared 1275 GT, both of their cars have been in their ownership for many, many years, and in very nice state of repair and presentation, their 59 being especially good for the fact that very little restoration work has been required in the past 25+ years.
Along with the other minis, 7 in all, the stand attracted much amount of interest especially the 59’s which came in for a good amount of interest from people who had early Mk1’s in their early motoring career.
We had arranged with Neil Thomas, one of the circuit’s management team for both 59’s to take part in the mass cruise around the circuit at lunch time, and to be very close to the front of the snake of cars so that promotion photos could be taken of them, in the end John’s car was on the front row and 432 was back in the pack and just in front of another 1959 register car, GHC 874, William Fairney’s - Cherry Red Morris Mini Minor.
3 laps of the circuit were enjoyed at various speeds although 432 is still running in the engine having only completed 550 since being rebuilt a few years ago.
The weather was kind to all those attending the day, being quite mild and dry for the end of September, looking around the show during the day, another 2 1959 cars were seen, one being a classic race car in Car and Car Conversion colours, it being an Oct build car which will need much work to replace a lot of the panel work which had been cut away to make it an out and out racer, although I did happen to see that it retained the large depression front footwells, another 1959 car was present but on the back of a recovery truck mainly due to the fact is was not in a road worth state.
It is hoped that both 1959 cars within the club will be able to attend more summer type motoring events next year.

Jeremy Pennell

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Himley Hall 11th May 2014

Another good day at BMC’s Himley Hall show this year with 6 cars on display. The weather was threatening rain first thing which did appear to put some visitors to the show off, however we had a constant stream of people all day at the stand.

There was a lot of interest in Doug Flory's Austin Speedwell Blue Mini, he brought it to the show as he bought it recently in need of some extensive restoration work!

Resident BMC's Danny interviewed Keith Woodfield and Trevor Ripley over the P.A. Keith, an ex Longbridge man has a wealth of knowledge regarding the Mini.

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Blyton Park Track Day 4th May 2014

The 1959 Mini Register had a stand at the first Mini only Track Day event at Blyton Park Lincolnshire on 4th May 2014, organised by
There was a lot of interest in the '59 Minis and in particular LSK 706 the Shorrock Supercharged 1959 Morris belonging to John Langham.
The car went out on the track and put a very healthy performance in, showing just what the old 59er can still do!

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Bingley Hall 26th January 2014

The first show of 2014 .
We had a good day at Bingley Hall this year with four 1959 cars on our stand brought along by Bill Bell, Paul Kimpton, Stuart Keeping and Trevor Ripley.
Usual good interest in the cars and we never seemed to stop talking to people all day.
Good to meet up again with a lots of old friends and other 1959 owners including Kazuo Maruyama from Japan and recent 1959 owner Maurice Ogier from Guernsey.
Lots of interest in Bill Bell’s very early Danish restoration project.

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