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No MOT for our 1959 Minis

As from the 18th November 2012 it will not be necessary to MOT pre 1960 cars.

For full details please read this letter recently sent to us by the DVLA.

We currently have 184 1959 Minis registered.
Morris Austin
Clipper Blue 36 Speedwell Blue 14
Cherry Red 30 Tartan Red 29
Old English White 22 Farina Grey 24
Non Standard 14 Non Standard 11
Total 102 Total 82
The break down between De-luxe and basic is as follows:
De-luxe 104
Basic 22
Unrecorded 58

Variations Interior General

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Variations – Interior General

The cream Austin speedo is on the left with the silver Morris one on the right. The Austin needle is thin & red the Morris is wide flat plastic with a red tip. Neither style of speedo has 10th of a mile. (Thank you to Nick Rogers at Min-E-Bitz for use of the photograph)
image014-800 image015-800
The speedo housing is made of compressed cardboard and is easily damaged around the 4 screw holes to attach it to the bulkhead, this style of cardboard housing continued through 1960.
image007 image008
This photograph shows the flat switch panel fitted to all 59 cars and in to 1960. This photograph shows the later normal switch panel with a recess around the heater rheostat and there is an equivalent around the chock cable knob.
image017-800 image018-800
This photograph shows the chrome trim around the switch panel fitted to all De-Luxe models. This is a switch panel fitted to a basic car showing the absence of the chrome trim (Thank you to Mini World magazine for use of the photograph).
image025-800 image003-800
A correct early recirculating fan heater. 59 heaters have 3 fixings, two at the rear and on at the front. The change point between 3 and 4 bolt heaters is Christmas 1959. 1960 style 4 bolt heater, note the fan is different too.
A service memo suggesting improved demisting by sealing up the heater louvers. image026-800
image020-800 This is a correct 59 type ashtray, 3 fitted to De-Luxe models with one fitted either side at the rear by the rear companion boxes and only one fitted in the centre of the upper dash rail on Basic cars.
image021-800 image025
All 59 built cars had this style of centre hinged sun visor fitted, the material matched the head lining.
(Thank you to Mini World Magazine for use of the photograph)
Basic cars only had one sun visor fitted on the driver’s side with this blanking plate fitted to the passenger side.
image022-800 image034-800
This is the correct A frame jack fitted to all 1959 & 60 cars. From the June 1961 parts book showing the early A frame jack and later T shaped item. Also listed are the contents of the tool roll and the extras that could be specified.
image035-800 From the June 1961 parts book showing the early A frame jack and later T shaped item. Also listed are the contents of the tool roll and the extras that could be specified.
The rear view mirror is small with a long slender stem and pinch bracket to hold the glass, the rear of the glass and the stem are finished in crackle black. image036-600
image033-800 59 cars have a chrome hand brake button.
The rear opening windows on De-Luxe cars have a thin rear catch (lower type). The top catch is a later type. image021-800_0
image024-800 All 1959 cars had a straight gear stick.
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