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No MOT for our 1959 Minis

As from the 18th November 2012 it will not be necessary to MOT pre 1960 cars.

For full details please read this letter recently sent to us by the DVLA.

Variations Mechanical And Underbody

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Variations – Mechanical And Underbody

image001_0 image002_0
59 brake back plates had a riveted adjuster strap. Later back plate with integrated adjuster strap in the back plate.
image003_0 image004_0
59 type Drive Shafts off an early car in Denmark. Note the gearbox end with metal screw fixings to the flange instead of the normal rubber gaiter. There are also grease nipples on the rubber cross coupling flanges. The U bolts to go with the early drive shafts have fish hooks on them to stop over tightening. However as the rubber softened it was impossible to keep the U bolt tight against the rubber cross.
image005_0 image006_0
Early exhaust with kink for the starter button. These were single box systems in one piece. Correct style silencer.
image007_0 A photograph of a pre-production car showing the silencer in place. Also the PD fuel pump is clearly visible in the correct position.
image008_0 image009_0
A PD style fuel pump off the car. This pump was used on all 59 cars. A PF type pump replaced the PD.
image010_0 A Memo from April 1960 about poor PD pump performance being possibly caused elsewhere.
image011_0 image012
Up to October 59 style radius arm with no pivoting quadrant for the handbrake cable. Welded steel arms were used on all 59’s. A normal welded steel radius arm with the quadrant removed.
image013 image014
Early handbrake cable with tube for cable to bend round instead of having the pivoting quadrant. These filled with road dirt and stopped working. A normal handbrake cable showing the nipple in place to locate on the quadrant.
image015 Picture showing the non-pivoting hand brake cable in place.
image001 image002
Riveted wheels were fitted to all 59 cars. A service memo stressing the importance of replacing the riveted wheels if competition driving was planned.  In road use the wheels were perfectly strong enough.
rivet-wheel The correct Dunlop C41 type tyre fitted to all UK and export 1959 Minis.  CKD cars could have locally sourced tyres.
image004 image005
Floor starter button from underneath the car. Early style floor start switch is on the left.
image006 image007
All 59 type petrol tanks do without a floor drain. A Jan 60> fuel tank showing the drain through the boot floor.
image008 image009
Both types of tank next to each other. A memo explaining the adoption of the new fuel tank.
image010 Correct 1959 rear subframe has no provision for the hydrolastic pipes found on normal frames, this was later readopted for late Rover subframes.  There are a number of differences between the subframes but too many to list here.
gearstick-800 All 1959 cars have a straight black gear lever, the cranked lever was introduced in October 1960.
wiper1 wiper2
Correct DR2 wiper motor without park switch.
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