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No MOT for our 1959 Minis

As from the 18th November 2012 it will not be necessary to MOT pre 1960 cars.

For full details please read this letter recently sent to us by the DVLA.

Variations Seats

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Variations – Seats

image002 image004
Morris de-luxe seats from Launch until chassis 8996 were black and grey fleck with a central wide flute. The rear seat back covers the wheel arch in all black and fleck seats.
image005 Black and grey Morris seats have a fleck rear face.
image006 image008
After chassis number 8996 (late November 59) the Morris seats changed to Spanish red and grey fleck with 6 equal flutes, or Spanish blue with the same pattern flutes. This photograph shows the Spanish blue vinyl but this flute pattern is wrong for a 59 Morris seats, the flute are the same as the 6 wide style.
image009 image010
Later style red or blue and fleck seats did not cover the rear arches. All de-luxe 59 Austins had Spanish Red and thin Grey fleck flute seats, but up until Mid-July the flutes were stitched together as the above photograph. All Longbridge seats had white piping.
image011 image012
These are almost identical looking Austin seats with welded flutes, not stitched.  Again white piping. The rear early Austin seat up until approximately late November 59 also covered the rear wheel arch.
image014 image016
Austin seats had coloured rears to the seat back. The Austin flute pattern and colour remained the same after the end of November 59 but the rear seat back was also cut over the rear arch like the Morris.
ICI supplied the Vynide leathercloth on
both Morris & Austin De-Luxe cars.
image019 image020
Basic seats were of cloth material. These are 59 style basic seats of the correct pattern.  Black piping indicates a Morris. The rear seat is also plain and little more than a bag over the padding.  The rear wheel arch is also covered.
image025 image040
Later basic seats have a separate front squab. Later rear seat have more flutes than the early style.
image041 image042
A 1961 basic interior, complete with two sets of piping on the sides of the front seat rather than the early single piping style. Pre-Launch press shot showing the early style basic interior.
image043 image046
A photo showing the early de-luxe tubular seat frame with adjuster. A later style seat frame with flat bar front legs to attach to the new cross member mounts.
image044 image045
The passenger basic seat was non-adjustable and had hooped rear legs instead of the straight feet.
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